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Saving you money 


Railroads have used series electric drivetrains for decades and offer the best ton mile per gallon performance in overland transportation. We are combining series electric drive with advanced battery technology to offer repower kits that deliver the best fuel economy in the trucking industry and better on-road performance than mechanical drivetrains.

Try our tractor for a couple weeks and experience the difference.


We are committed to excellent products, training and service for fleet operators and independent garages.

The average trucker spends 35% of his revenue on fuel, but until now, advanced hybrid drive technology was only an option for new tractors. We're changing that dynamic with our unique series hybrid repower kits that give fleet operators and independent garages an opportunity to upgrade older tractors with the latest fuel saving technology at a price that represents a 12 to 24 month payback.

All components are sourced from first-tier suppliers including Cummins, Marathon Electric, Axion Power, Unico and Allison. 

We offer our drivetrains in kit form for the repower market, train new customers to install and service our products and strive to provide superb service after the sale.


Series Hybrid Repower Kits

We understand that your loads have to reach their destination on time every time and you can't afford to waste time with battery chargers, finicky electronics or frequent breakdowns.


Our team is highly skilled and has years of experience. Most of all we understand what you expect from your trucks. If you have a question or a problem, or simply want to schedule a demonstration, you can expect prompt, friendly and high-quality service along with the honesty and value we bring to every interaction.


Get to know our people. They have the tools, skills and desire to serve your needs. Come see why we're so excited about our series hybrid drivetrain and learn how it can make your business more profitable.