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Series Hybrid Repower Kits

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  • ​​Small 6.7 Liter, efficient engine
  • ​On road emission EPA compliant
  • Optional use as mobile power supply


  • ​​Inverter duty AC induction
  • Full Torque from 0 RPM
  • Thermal overload protection
  • High efficiency design


  • Axion PbC ᴿ batteries
  • Rapid charge / discharge
  • Extended life cycle
  • Active SOC management


  • AC Vector drive by UNICO
  • Drive by wire control
  • Dynamic braking
  • ​Cruise Control

​Our third-generation drivetrain is based on an EPA compliant on-road Cummins 6.7L diesel engine that’s mated to a 120 kW generator from Marathon and provides the principal motive power. Electricity from the genset is routed through an AC Vector drive from Unico, along with supplemental boost power from an array of 56 PbC batteries from Axion Power, a unique lead-carbon asymmetric capacitor that offers extraordinary cycle-life and charge acceptance, and fed to a 150 hp Marathon drive motor that can be overrated to 380 hp for acceleration and climbing. A 5-speed automatic transmission from Allison and a suite of proprietary cruise control and drive-by-wire electronics round out the package. Our first drivetrain patent was issued by Mexico in December 2013 and efforts to secure global patent coverage are ongoing.